Hey, it’s Liz O. here. This morning, I went to pick up the posters that we had made for tonight’s Los Animales launch party at Underground. (Did you RSVP? If not, do it now.)

I love these posters. Eternal thanks to our pal David for doing such an awesome job on these. Jeaux and I are going to sign and number them before the party. They are super limited. Like, ridiculously limited. So, if you see one that doesn’t already belong to someone, grab it.

I liked the posters so much that we’re thinking about releasing another line of posters and making them available through the site when we get started with Chapter 2. That won’t happen until at least late April.

We’ve been talking about Los Animales merch. T-shirts are something that we really want to do at some point. By “some point” we might mean as early as Comic-Con season. That said, we have an important question for you, dear readers. If you were to buy a Los Animales t-shirt, what character would you want on it? We’ve asked this question on Twitter and Facebook and, so far, we’re getting plenty of Manda responses. Let us know in the comments.

Thanks again for being amazing readers. As far as traffic goes, this has been our best week yet. Keep reading and keep spreading the word because things are going to get nuts, kind of like a soap opera without the evil twins and resurrected husbands.