Now that Chapter 1 is done, we’ll be posting some behind-the-scenes stories for “Fours on the Floor.” Chapter 2, “Nadarave” starts on May 6.

Somewhere around two years ago, when Jeaux and I were trying to get this thing you’re reading on television, I was writing fake episode synopses. Jeaux took a look at them and said I needed to write something with a band that people know. That’s my biggest problem with music references. I can’t come up with anything normal. So, I spent a few seconds deep in thought and responded with, “Um, Daft Punk?” People know who they are, right? And we can totally call the parody band Daft Skunk because it rhymes!

I can’t remember the exact year that Daft Punk played that big show in Los Angeles. It was somewhere around the time that Los Animales was called Animal Sounds and was a gag strip in a local music newspaper. The only thing I remember about that show was that I wasn’t there.

At the time, I was in grad school, working multiple jobs and still extremely broke. I was so broke that I could barely get the money together to finish school. Concerts for fun weren’t an option, so I didn’t buy Daft Punk tickets. I tried getting press passes, but, naturally, that didn’t happen.

I was peeved that every newfound Daft Punk fan was going to see them live and I wasn’t. Mostly, though, I was pissed that I was broke. This is despite the fact that I chose to work in an industry where it takes a miracle or two to do more than survive. I get the irony of that.

When I didn’t get the tickets, I would daydream that I somehow found my way into the show. Like, maybe at the last minute, they needed a warm-up DJ or there would be a secret party or something. All of those things have happened in the past. I landed a gig DJing for The Faint’s show at the Troubadour a couple hours before soundcheck. And there was that time that I saw Fischerspooner because someone I knew had a connection to a secret gig. In this case, nothing happened. I didn’t get to see Daft Punk. I still haven’t seen them.


All that is the story behind “Fours on the Floor.” It’s everything I wish had happened, but didn’t. Maybe someday I’ll get to see Daft Punk live, but I’m not counting on it. Some things are better left to the imagination.