We’ve been publishing Los Animales for about six weeks now. During this time, we’ve learned that there are people who actually like what we’re doing. Moreover, there are people who want to help us take this webcomic to the next level. Today, we’re going to tell you how you can help.


“Fours on the Floor,” the first chapter of Los Animales, comes to a close on April 19. After that, we’re taking off one week (I’ll post on the blog during that time, but we won’t be posting comic book pages). On April 29, we launch the second chapter of the series. It’s called “Nadarave” and it’s probably 100 times more awesome than the first chapter. This is what I can tell you about the chapter without spoiling anything.


1. It takes place at something called Nadarave.


2. There’s way more Dani in Chapter 2!


3. You’ll finally find out who Kyle and Steve are. (See our character guide.)


4. Previous working titles for the chapter were “Stupid Fucking Hipsters” and “Hipsters vs. Ravers.” That pretty much tells you everything you know going into Chapter 2.


I wrote Chapter 2 last summer and, after 101 revisions (or something like that), it finally turned out to be something pretty special. We’re really excited about it. So excited that we want more people to read it than we think we can actually reach on our own. Here’s where we need your help.  We need you to help spread the word about Los Animales.


Last month, I set a pageview goal of 7000 hits (not unique pageviews). We surpassed that. I know full well that those are really tiny numbers. But, we wanted to actually set a goal that was attainable. We know that what we’re doing isn’t as easily sharable as a one panel gag comic or something from a meme generator. We also know that a lot of clicks are shallow. We don’t need advertising numbers, we need numbers that we can take to potential collaborators to show that the interest is there.


We are starting to get those kinds of numbers, or so it appears from Google Analytics. Our bounce rate for the month was 58.35%. Users spend an average of 1:29 on a page and 3:59 on the site. In March, 50.73% of our visitors were new, 49.27% were returning. From looking at Google Analytics, we can tell you a few other things about our readers. Most of them are coming from Southern California, although we also get a good amount of traffic from Palo Alto and New York. The number of people who come to the site directly is about equal to the number of people who come in through Facebook links. All this means that we can safely assume that our readership is coming primarily from our own social circles.


Here’s how you can help us broaden those circles.


— Post about Los Animales on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, whatever it is you use to tell your friends what you like.

— For bloggers, podcasters, etc.: If you want to ask Jeaux and I some questions, email us at animalsoundsrecords@gmail.com. We’re available for interviews.

–Convention people: Need some guests for panels related to webcomics, music and/or anthropomorphic animals? We’re definitely available for cons in the greater L.A. area. If you’re outside of L.A., we might not be able to make the trip just yet, but let’s still talk. Hit us up at animalsoundsrecords@gmail.com.


And if you can think of more ways to help us spread the word, we will be more than grateful.


That is all. Thanks, everyone!