While you’re reading Los Animales: Nadarave and Jeaux is busy finishing up the art for this story, I’m working on the third story in this series. We have a working title for it, but I’m not ready to give it away yet.

Each story in the series has it’s own challenges. Fours on the Floor was the first script I wrote. It was actually the first piece of fiction I attempted to write in years. That alone made it a daunting task, even though I knew exactly what was going to happen in the story from the start.

With Nadarave, the situation was different. Originally, the second story in the series was going to be our mod story. The plot thing wasn’t coming together, though, so I took the only kind of funny joke in it and built up another plot set at the indie dance club where Manda DJs. That wasn’t working either. Ultimately, the idea of Nadarave came together, spiced up with a few jokes from the previous two attempts at writing the second story. After that, though, I think I went through six drafts of Nadarave. It was mostly finished last summer, but the final final draft, the one that you’re reading right now, didn’t exist until either late last year or early this year.

The challenge of the third story is in the genesis of it. I got the idea after watching a work of cinematic genius. I didn’t want to do a parody of the movie, I just wanted to do one ridiculous homage to it. But, then, that one joke led to all these other ideas that I’ve been trying to squeeze into one script. On top of that, we’re introducing a new character.  Now, the dialogue on the pages is getting heavier and the script is trying to waddle away from me.

Last night, something clicked. The story needed a new opening scene and a lot of restructuring. That has helped, but we’re still not there yet. Until then, I’ll have my head buried in Celtx.

Maybe next week I’ll have some good news on that third script for you.