Jeaux and I want to make sure that Los Animales suits your reading habits, as varied as those are. For a while, we’ve been talking about releasing full chapters as ebooks, which will likely happen as soon as we have time to figure out the technical aspects of that. We have also talked a lot about releasing multiple chapters as trade paperback-style books. That won’t happen until we have at least three chapters in the can and some funding.┬áThere were, however, other options that we didn’t recognize until last night.

We launched a Tumblr site and a Facebook page at the beginning, but we didn’t intend on publishing the pages through those venues. We thought of it just as promotion. Last week, though, we realized that we were getting great support from Tumblr users. We want to make sure that those of you who use this platform have easy access to read and share the comic.

At the same time, we’ve long known that Facebook is dominated by image files. We figured that we might as well post pages there too. It can’t hurt us. These things can only help potential readers find our comic.

Los Animales is still best read on the website, both from aesthetic and narrative perspectives, but we want you to have options.

As for the future of the comic, this will likely have an impact on how I write the script for Chapter 3. (It has a title, but we’re keeping that under wraps for right now.) It won’t affect the story as a whole, though.

Los Animales on Tumblr

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Thanks for supporting Los Animales!

— Liz