We’ve had a surge of new readers in the past couple days and we want to say thank you for checking out our webcomic. We hope you like it and we hope you’ll return.

Thank you also to our friends who have been sharing Los Animales on Facebook, Tumblr, et. al.

As a reminder, we update with a new page every weekday. For those of you who are new to the webcomic, we recommend that you read Los Animales: Fours on the Floor, the first story in the series.

In other Los Animales news:

We were recently interviewed for Ianyan, a fantastic blog focusing on Armenian culture. We talked about how Manda ended up with the last name Pandarosian, amongst other things.

We were also featured guests on Ep. 111 of the supercool podcast Defective Geeks. It’s fun and we suggest you give it a listen.

More self-promotion from the creators of this comic:

Liz is DJing at Deadcadence on Saturday night. This is a 21+ event at Roberto’s in Chinatown. She’ll be playing goth, coldwave, minimal synth, etc. on vinyl. For more information, check out her blog.

Here’s where you can find us when we aren’t posting comic book pages:

You can find Jeaux J. on Twitter, Tumblr and on All My Heroes Have Dayjobs.

Liz is on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. You can find more updates on her blog, Beatique.